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  • Steve Castersen (La Habra) 5/27/2011

This is the dentist you need!I have been a patient of Dr. O'Connor for years. Very friendly and does excellent work. If you don't currently have a good dentist, look no further. You will also end up a very satisfied patient.

  • Frank Moltane (Fountain Valley) 5/26/2011

A apprehension that worked into a pleasent and productive experience. Thank you for the care, attention to detail and the wonderful follow up. For once I really know what is in my mouth.

  • Charlyn Moltane (Fountain Valley) 5/26/2011

It was everything I hoped for: Very clean, professional, detailed, up to date, modern equipment, tasks well done and future needs projected and plotted. Very knowledge and efficent staff and staff and doctor.

  • Annonymus

Drs. Joseph and Claudia O'Connor are two of the most loving, caring, and skilled dentists! Our family goes to them and pays cash instead of using our insurance through work because we trust them and know that we will get the best care possible. The office staff is just as welcoming and excellent at what they do. Thank you all for being amazing!

  • Jennifer O ( Fullerton) 7/15/2010:

I found Dr. O'Connor a few years back when I had a dental emergency. I have had several bad dentist experiences so I was a little hesitant.

Dr. O'Connor is great. For the first time, I'm not afraid to go to the dentist for two reasons: 1. He's not a sadist and 2. I can still afford gas for the drive home after I've seen him. He's friendly, his office staff is great, and Corrie, the hygenist is awesome.

A couple of years ago, I moved away from Fountain Valley but I still drive out there for my dental appointments. It's worth it!

  • Lynette O ( Long Beach) 2/18/2009

If you're looking for a really good dentist who won't try to sell you lots of extra services that you don't really need, call Dr. O'Connor.  His dental hygienist is great, too.

· Denise 04/26/2010

You don't need 1-800-Dentist... just Call Dr. O'Connor! Both Drs O'Connor are excellent dentists, but what sets them apart is that they truly care for their patients. My dad hates dentists and has had horrible experiences but loves Dr. O'Connor. Their entire staff is friendly and professional. There definately is a family atmosphere, which extends to their patients. I can't recommend them highly enough!

· Leaney 05/10/2009

I came on here to look up the phone number and saw that you can write a review. My parents live out of state now and are setting an appointment with Dr. O'Connor when they come for vacation; that's how good he is! I have seen him too and think he and his staff are the best practice I've ever been to! Nice, clean office, and the kids LOVE him even though it's not a children's specialty group. His prices are fair too! It's a pleasure to give him 5 stars!

  • Anne S 12/10/2008

My daughter went there. She has always needed to get gas to relax her for treatment. They were so kind and gentle, that for the first time in her life she didn't need the gas!


These folks are awesome; they have the best Doctors, Hygienist and staff. You feel like family there, not even a sign in sheet. They have always made room for me in my moment of need. I started them by my self in 2001, now my Wife, Son and several friends go there.

Janelle Dalton, Fountain Valley

So glad we found Dr. O'Connor. My husband and I had several bad dental experiences. We were referred to this office by a relative. Every time I leave the office I want to call her and thank her for the referral. Dr. O'Connor takes great care with his patients. He explains what he is doing and even gives choices. He has even called me at home on his vacation day to check in. The staff could not be nicer and more professional. I have commented to friends about how much I like going to the dentist. They think I am crazy.....

Kathy Trenschel

The staff at the office is great from the friendly receptionist to the great person than cleans my teeth. They make me comfortable and at ease. Dr, O' Connor is very professional and I trust his judgment.


Very Professional! I 'm very pleased with all the work done here. The entire team is very professional and very nice to me. Thank you. Great services with no concerns from my part.

M. Shafizadeh

The best as always. Everyone in your office are number one on in USA.

Michael Proctor, May 2012

Angels in dentist jackets! Professional, Punctual and Prices that are reasonable. Everyone there was kind like family. It's not everyday you find people who actully like their's very evident that these fine folks do .

Antonio Villavicencio, Fountain Valley April 2012

Doctors, Joseph and Claudia O'Connor, have been our family Dentist for over 12 years and would't change them for anything! Or for as long as we live in the area.... They're like family to us and we appreciate all of the work, care, love a...

Kelly Villavicencio

I love the family environment that Dr. Oconnor and staff bring to their work. My family has been coming here for years. I can't imagine a better Dentist.

Cheryl Best, May 2012

Dr. O'Connor was fantastic as usual! However, he had a new assistant that left a roll of cotton in my numb mouth that I didn't find out about until the anesthesia wore off. Also, the office did not return my call when I had a question.

Willie Moore

Received excellent service on my last visit

Cynthia Boley, March 2012

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this office! Dr. J. O'Connor is conscientious & friendly -- but his hygienist/dental assistant & front office workers are the glue which makes it all work - they can make or break an office...

Pamela Tansey

The best in our area. Dr. O'Connor's office provides me with the security of knowing I am receiving the best possible care for my teeth. I have had no pain since my treatment began many years ago, and I continue to have strong healthy teeth and gums.

Lynn Grunklee

I would like to say that I love Dr O'Connor and all he has done for me. He is very attentive, explains everything and very cordial. I tell all my friends about him and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good dentist.

David Ronnow

The entire staff was warm and receptive. Made me feel comfortable and explained all procedures. Asked if I had any questions, and were very precise in all their detailed work. Would gladly refer them to all my friends and neighbors

John Boston

Thank you all for years (3) being faithful.

Sue Schales

Dr. O'Connor was very professional and I felt no pain. The stff was very curteous. And helpful. They are great. Sue Schales.

Peter Pavidis

My teeth cleaning, as always, was a pleasent experience followed up by an exam from Dr O'Connor

Cody Gigglio

I am so glad I found the O'Connors! They are super nice and very gentle. I practically fall asleep at the chair when getting dental work done. The office is cozy and the staff are awesome! Couldn't ask for a better Dentist!

Barbara Miller

As always my teeth cleaning experience with Corie the hygientist was very professional and yet very friendly. Always enjoy my exams with Dr Claudia or her husband, Dr Joseph O'Connor. They have one of the very best dentist offices in Orange...


I have been going to Dr. O'Connor for several years now. I have very sensitive teeth and have never had any pain during any of the procedures. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

Marge Hammond

I was very impressed with the quick response to my emergency and the professional and speedy repair. Thanks again.

Anonymous 12/28/2011

Their services were great, pain-free, enjoyable, fast, and on time. Thanks for everything. :)

Anonymous 12/28/2011

I suffer from migraines and have to cancel appointments often. This office understands this and calls me whenever they have a cancellation to see if I have a migraine on that day and if not they schedule me in. They really helped me.

Anonymous 12/02/2011

Dr O'Connor is the best dentist we have ever had. He is caring and thoughtful, and always has the patient's best interests at heart!

Diana Vesga, Sherman Oaks

The only dentist I trust. After several bad experiences, I was lucky to find Dr Joseph O'Connor. While he uses the latest technology and methods, he is conservative, always thinking about what is best for his patient. He is very reliable and trustworthy. His "bed side manners” are second to none!

Anonymous 10/10/2011

This office is amazing! Dr O'Connor and his staff operate with the highest level of integrity. Dr Joe is conservative in his treatments, never jumps the gun. He saved my then 15 yr old son from having a retained baby tooth pulled

Anonymous 05/24/2011

Drs. Joseph and Claudia O'Connor are two of the most loving, caring, and skilled dentists! Our family goes to them and pays cash instead of using our insurance through work because we trust them and know that we will get the best care possible.

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